Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel

Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel - Jessica Knoll 4.5

Review in Spanish: en La Loca de los Libros!

This was a very painful book to read but, at the end of it, I gotta say, It was totally worth it.

First of all, I must say, I usually try to avoid books dealing with rape and highschool bullying because, sooner or later, I know I’ll end up crying or instinctively siding with the victim, no matter what. I know that, somehow, my judgement will be biased. Bullying victims are my Achilles heel. I can’t NOT BE ON THEIR SIDE.. So, not feeling sorry for TifAni, was impossible for me.


Some parts were extremely hard to read. Everything the heroine went through in her teenage years , reminded me of my own adolescence, so, as I pointed out previously, It was difficult for me to be objective as I was reading the constant bullying, the daily attacks against her, or the awful victim-blaming she had to go through-- even from her own mother!! <</spoiler>. I really felt for Ani; I truly understood her to the point that, sometimes, I wanted her to be a real person so I could hug her!

-The writing is great. I mean, maybe nothing in the likes of Gillian Flynn (whom I believe, her strongest point IS her prose) but certainly above the amateurish average in books of this genre. There were A LOT of great quotes that I would love to quote here, but I’m not allowed to, So you should totally go ahead and read them for yourself.

As for the characters, I HATED EVERYONE OF THEM- except for TifAni, of course. I loved her: my neck hurts for constantly nodding with almost everything she said; she had benn so wronged! Everyone turned against her or betrayed her somehow.

And, well, Dean



It was hard reading his lines, his behavior and NOT trying to compare him to someone I met in real life. And, I assure you, you’re going to end up doing the same thing. He’s the typical high school bully who , as a grown up, is even a bigger bully. I’ve met guys like him; suffered guys like him as I was growing up—even the same way TifAni suffers them in the story!. Everything Dean said or did, was so painfully realistic, you might feel the need to stop reading for a second , smother your rage and instinctive antagonism, to just to be able to continue reading.

A big Bravo to the author for managing to deliver such a realistic prick.

As for the ending…the ending was perfect. I was afraid that there would be some ridiculous twist or that the real evil would get away with murder-- I was dreading that kind of outcome so, Imagine my asbolute delight, when the book ended the way it did. I loved it!!

Excellent book.

The kind of book dealing with high school revenge, but in the right way to do it. I liked that Dean survived the shooting; his punishment was exactly what he deserved. Some might believe that people like him (and by "people like him" I mean, of course, rapists) should be electrocuted or killed in some way or another, but, as for me, I'm the kind of person who thinks that THAT’s just insufficient; you know, not enough. They have to live with what they did. So, in that case, I’m glad the author choose the path she choose for Dean. He deserved it.

(You see? I’m totally biased!).

Anyway… Awesome story and great character development. I’m not going to say perfect for fans of…[insert famous author's name here], because Jessica Knoll is a class of her own. Definitely looking forward for her next book!

So now, If you'll excuse me, I'm going to curl up between the sheets and cry while I listen to Adele.

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