Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily - Amélie S. Duncan A free copy of this ebook was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!

Well, I'm not going to rate this because, clearly, I'm not the right kind of readership for this romance novel.

I'll do my best to explain why...

I felt like the story had too many cliches and had me rolling my eyes in too many scenes. Most of the dialogues felt really forced and unnatural- some of them were way too predictable; the kind I've had already read in many other romances before.

And, as I've already pointed out on my updates, here's some of the overused tropes this novel has:

-Heroine who's beautiful but doesn't think she's beautiful ✓
-"Who could possibly find me attractive?" (and other phrases of that sort) ✓
-With Little to None sex life ✓
-Who has an evil ex-boyfriend. ✓
-Who's a hardworking girl and doesn't have time for romance ✓
-Who's about to fall for gorgeous, bad boy billionaire ✓
-Said bad boy billionaire may or may have not have dark secrets/dark past ✓

And I'm going to add a few more:

-Heroine is "too innocent" ✓
-Hero forces her to eat ✓ (that trope really bothers me)
-Hero forces his driver/bodyguard (can't remember what David was) on her, because he wants her "safe"
-Heroine's reaction to the above is feeling glad because that means he "cares"
-Heroine is wanted sexually by almost every male near her but she doesn't think that's possible because, yet again, "Who could possibly find me attractive?" ✓

And a lot more that I'm not going to spoil in case you like this kind of romance and want to read it for yourself.

Another thing that frustrated me was how fast the relationship evolved.

Of course, I understand that this is an erotic novel but, I've read a LOT of novels like this with better sexual tension and "suspense" leading up to the first sexual encounter. Their 'arrangement' (yep, it has one of those, too)
felt rushed and unbelieable. The author spent more time describing her innocence and inexperience than trying to make us understand the attraction (and, eventually, infatuation) that someone like her could possibly feel towards someone like him.

So, sadly, no. I didin't felt the connection nor chemistry between the main couple. Which was a dissapointment, because the sex scenes were well written and could have been a lot better than they turned out to be.

I did like a couple of things, though. It's not that the novel was terrible-- I've read a lot worse. It's just, I'll repeat, too predictable.

-The writing was great. I think the author has a lot of potential. I mean, WAY better than many other novels of the genre. (and, btw, I loved the very first line, the sentence which begins the novel.)
-I liked that the hero had a good relationship with his ex-wife. It was a relief that there wasn't an evil, crazy ex (well, other than the heroine's ex.) That is ONE stereotype I really hate.
- I thought the creepy scenes with Declan (near the end) were well-written. They gave me the chills. That entire part was scary as hell.

Well, overall, the book was not my kind of romance but I would totally recommend it for fans of books like Bared to you or for anyone who likes the the trope young, innocent and hardworking girl falls for dangerous older man- who, hey!, also happes to be a mysterious billionaire".

If that's your choice of romance, then this is totally for you!