After We Fall

After We Fall - Emma Kavanagh A woman determined to abandon her family.
A former police superintendent in a frantic search for his missing daughter.
A detective trying to balance his life between being a somewhat single father and a homicide detective.
A young woman attempting to hold her family together after a fatal accident.

A plane crash, thirteen survivors out of seventy-four passengers.

“After we fall”, by debut author Emma Kavanagh is a novel about four different characters whose stories converge and connect, in one way or another. A story seen from the point of view of each one.

A novel not only about a terrible crime and an seemingly accidental plane crash, but one about fathers and daughters; mothers and sons; about marriages gone wrong; and most of all, about people unable to confront their deepest issues, the past always stopping them from moving on.

(And, I must say, after reading this amazing novel, I’m unable to write a decent review right now. I’m heartbroken. This novel is devastating.)


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